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The international meeting for the young friends of Faith and Light

14 march 2017

will take place in Spain from 31 July until 6 August 2017. We need your support !

IMPORTANT AND URGENT ! We need your support !
We still need 20.000 € for the 50 young friends from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Rwanda, Camerun, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Sudan, Ukraine, Philippines, Mexique, Honduras, Nicaragua, République Dominicaine, Peru, Equator, Syria may be able to participate to this international youth meeting opening hopes for the future of Faith and Light !


The meeting of the youth to be held in Spain from July 31 to August 2017 will be an extraordinary event for all young people who will meet for a time of formation, sharing, prayer...

Each Faith and Light province is invited to send four participants (three young friends and one person with a disability) who will be chosen after a period of discernment and reflection. This event is an excellent opportunity to grow in faith and commitment and to prepare young friends to take on future responsibilities within Faith and Light!
Deadline for the registrations on April 1, 2017.


- Check the updates of the meeting on 

- Twitter of the meeting 

- Project and letters to the provinces :

Payment of the registrations : 


         Marists Center of Guardamar
                 (Alicante, Spain)


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