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Guidelines 2015-2016

Every year, new guidelines are proposed to the communities to nurture and lead the monthly meetings. Written by an international team, it encourages the unity of all the communities throughout the world which gather around a common theme. This year, we shall walk "hand in hand".

With last year's guidelines, we took part, in a great tour around the world during which we got to know twelve great missionaries of joy better. Three of them, Jerzy Popiełuszko, Marthe Robin and Óscar Romero have had the particular honour of taking a great step on their way to becoming saints. We should be delighted to see that it isn’t necessarily doing great things that can make people closer to Jesus, but rather by becoming a friend of the smallest ones, by being close and by holding their hands.

We are going to continue, throughout this year that is about to start, our mission to make known to as many people as possible that friendship with the smallest is a source of communion and intimacy with Jesus. For this, we are going to look together at the way Jesus continues to call us and how to prepare ourselves – ourselves and Faith and Light – to respond to him over the next ten years. Our time of sharing in small groups will be dedicated to this. After each meeting, the community coordinator will contact the vice coordinator who accompanies the community (a good opportunity to make/re-make contact?) to share with him/her what has come out of this time in small groups and the general atmosphere of the meeting and the sharing. Throughout the year, through close relationships, through a friendship as solid as the rock upon which it is founded, we are going to strengthen the bonds that unite us.

I remember having heard, when I was young, a poem (Paul Fort) entitled “The round" and whose words were:
Then ‘twould be found that one could dance the world around, should all folk of the world be fain to join their hands and form a chain. We will therefore walk hand in hand and we will announce the happiness for tomorrow to all the Earth!