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Golden Jubilee 2017 Catholic Charismatic Renewal

from 31 may 2017 to 4 june 2017 [Celebrations]


As we approach the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Golden Jubilee in 2017, ICCRS and Catholic Fraternity, in response to the invitation of Pope Francis, are organizing an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church that started during the "Duquesne Weekend" on February 17-19, 1967.

Youth festival, special gatherings for Theologians, Charismatic Communities, Schools of Evangelization, Ecumenical forum, opportunities to gather for praise and worship, adoration and evangelization. Plus a series of workshops on various CCR topics offered.




  • Lieu :Rome, Italy

Provincial assembly "Seas and volcanoes"

from 1 june 2017 to 4 june 2017 [Meetings]

(Italy South)

  • Lieu :Castellammare di Stabia

Provincial pilgrimage of Slovenia

from 6 june 2017 to 11 june 2017 [Pilgrimages]
  • Lieu :Our Lady of Fatima, Santiago of Compostelle

Provincial council "Southern Cross"

the 9 june 2017 [Meetings]

(Australia, New Zealand)

  • Lieu :Christchurch, New Zealand

Retreat for New Zealand communities

from 9 june 2017 to 11 june 2017 [Retreats]

Theme : "Stories Jesus told"

  • Lieu :Christchurch

Provincial council "France Loire Rhône Auvergne"

the 10 june 2017 [Meetings]
  • Lieu :Pradines

National pilgrimage and provincial assembly "Campo Belo"

from 15 june 2017 to 18 june 2017 [Pilgrimages]

(Brazil Centre)

  • Lieu :Aparecida

Provincial pilgrimage of Croatia in Medjugorje

from 15 june 2017 to 18 june 2017 [Celebrations]
  • Lieu :Medjugorje

Retreat for the communities of Ukraine

from 17 june 2017 to 23 june 2017 [Retreats]

Held by Jean Vanier

  • Lieu :Ferme de Trosly, France
  • Participants :20 participants from the province.

Formation session for the community coordinators of France

from 17 june 2017 to 18 june 2017 [Formation sessions]
  • Lieu :Issy les Moulineaux

Retreat for the province of "Ireland", "Northern Lights", "UK North" and "UK South"

from 23 june 2017 to 25 june 2017 [Retreats]

Held by Jean Vanier

  • Lieu :La Ferme de Trosly, France