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Pilgrimage of the communities "France Centre"

from 29 april 2017 to 1 may 2017 [Pilgrimages]
  • Lieu :Lisieux

Pilgrimage "Iberatlantic"

the 1 may 2017 [Pilgrimages]
  • Lieu :Guadalupe, Spain
  • Participants :The communities of Eulalia-Mérida and Madrid.

Provincial meeting "Paris et le levant"

the 8 may 2017 [Meetings]
  • Lieu :Lagny

Formation session in Denmark

from 12 may 2017 to 14 may 2017 [Formation sessions]
  • Lieu :Magleås

Trustees meeting "UK north" and "UK South"

the 13 may 2017 [Meetings]
  • Lieu :London

General assembly of the 9 provinces of France

the 14 may 2017 from 10:00 at 18:00 [Meetings]
  • Lieu :Prieuré Saint Benoît, Montmartre

Rainbow retreat in Belgium

from 19 may 2017 to 21 may 2017 [Retreats]


from 20 may 2017 to 21 may 2017 [Meetings]
  • Lieu :Notre-Dame du Laus

Pilgrimage "Mounts and Valleys without borders"

from 25 may 2017 to 27 may 2017 [Pilgrimages]

(Switzerland and french Jura)
For the 600th anniversary of St Nicolas de Flüe

  • Lieu :Flüeli-Ranft, Switzerland

Say IT With Fashion 2017

the 27 may 2017 from 17:00 at 19:00 [Shows]

Members of the Faith and Light communities of Cayagan de Oro in Philippines will perform !

The activity aims to expose the unexhibited talents of this often neglected minority. That should draw attention to their isolation and lead to their acceptance and appreciation allowing them to live normal lives in the modern society.
The activity will showcase our special friends on stage as they walk the ramp in tandem with Friends from the community highlighting their compatibility and need for acceptance in their communities.
The event is sponsored by our benefactors from the parish and the business community. A Dinner for a Cause will follow after the show.

Download the Poster of the event

  • Lieu :The Event Center, SM City, Philippines

Golden Jubilee 2017 Catholic Charismatic Renewal

from 31 may 2017 to 4 june 2017 [Celebrations]


As we approach the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Golden Jubilee in 2017, ICCRS and Catholic Fraternity, in response to the invitation of Pope Francis, are organizing an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church that started during the "Duquesne Weekend" on February 17-19, 1967.

Youth festival, special gatherings for Theologians, Charismatic Communities, Schools of Evangelization, Ecumenical forum, opportunities to gather for praise and worship, adoration and evangelization. Plus a series of workshops on various CCR topics offered.




  • Lieu :Rome, Italy